CEO of Acelen Renewables stresses that macauba is the oil of the future during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week

Luiz de Mendonça presented the 4 Fs of this raw material from Brazil – food, feed, fiber and fuel – and highlighted how macauba represents the future of low-carbon biofuels.


Directly from COP28 in Dubai, Acelen CEO Luiz de Mendonça presented at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week how macauba will be one of the leaders in the energy transition and an integral part of the future of low-carbon biofuels. “I want to present to you this small plant from Brazil, macauba: it can solve the problem of raw materials for renewable fuels.”

Mendonça explained that macauba is what is known as a 100% usable raw material because it encompasses the 4 Fs – food, feed, fiber and fuel – and is totally sustainable considering its social, economic and environmental elements. Another highlight of the project according to the CEO is its impact on family farming in Bahia and how it creates an ecosystem of strategic partners, such as Brazilian universities and the German Freunhofen Institute.

Mendonça also said that Acelen’s investments in the production of renewable fuels amount to more than USD$2.5 billion over the next few years and that this is a unique and transformative project, which marks the company’s leading role in the world’s energy transition. He also highlighted that it will create more than 90,000 direct and indirect jobs and its CO2 emissions will be up to 80% lower compared to those of fossil fuels.